Drug Diversion is costly

We see many articles about drug diversion, but rarely do they discuss the actual monetary costs associated with diversion. Pharmacy Times has a great article that that illustrates some of these costs.  According to the article, “The estimated cost of controlled prescription drug diversion and abuse to both public and private medical insurers is approximately $72.5 billion a year.” Almost 90% of the costs are borne by victims of drug abusers and federal and state governments.

The article goes on to list a few examples of cases of drug diversion and notes that “The common thread among these cases is the lack of controls for prescription drugs within the high-risk areas of a health care facility, including pharmacy storage, administration by staff, and disposal.” The Cactus Smart Sink® and PharmaLock® O.R. Kit both ensure that partially administered doses of controlled substances are not able to fall into the wrong hands. 

As the article states, it is important for a facility to have strong policies and procedures in place to help prevent diversion, but it is also important to update these policies regularly. Someone who is intent on diverting drugs can potentially circumvent controls that are in place and it is important for facilities to stay vigilant.

Read the entire article here. 


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