Diversion Among Health Care Workers

The November 2015 issue of Pharmacy Purchasing & Products cover story focuses on drug diversion in the Emergency Department. The article is insightful in providing several case studies of drug diversion as well as great solutions to prevent or limit diversion from occurring. Common diversion methods outlined in the article include saving excess medications that should be ‘wasted’, substituting saline solution for prescribed medication and removing remaining portions of medications from sharps bins. 
Most healthcare facilities are already aware that red sharps bin are easy targets for drug diversion. The article’s recommendation to prevent this type of diversion is to ‘use specialized waste bins that denature controlled substances…’ The Cactus Smart Sink and new PharmaLock are specifically designed to eliminate this problem and are the only products on the market that denature medications.

The article concludes by letting the reader know that drug diversion among healthcare workers is actually quite common. By installing the Smart Sink or PharmaLock in a healthcare facility and requiring a double witness waste process, potential staff members who are interested in diverting drugs will know sharps bin are not an option to acquire those drugs.


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