Cactus LLC® and EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp.® Announce Partnership

Fremont, CA, September 30, 2012 - EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp., the nation’s best-in-class provider of pharmacy services, announces a strategic partnership with CACTUS, LLC., the creator and manufacturer of the Healthcare Industry’s Uniquely-Compliant Disposal System for dispensed but unused drugs.

The EXP / CACTUS partnership stems from both companies’ recognition of the industry’s need for an effective solution that will enable healthcare entities to properly capture, secure and dispose of raw pharmaceutical waste including controlled substances.  

“EXP has seen the increasing need among our many customers for compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal. CACTUS Smart Sink addresses that need; and we are very excited to offer a solution that will empower our clients to secure and dispose of raw pharmaceutical waste in a compliant, safe and comprehensive manner”, said Gus Changaris, EXP’s Chief Executive Officer.

Through this partnership, EXP will offer the nation’s only secured and self-contained system rendering raw pharmaceutical waste acutely unrecoverable and unusable. This disposal solution is attained through the CACTUS Smart Sink. “Recent surveys indicate a growing problem within the healthcare industry for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal. Sharps containers, trash cans, sinks and toilets have all been utilized for pharmaceutical waste and, until now, there has not been a safe, environmentally friendly and convenient method for proper disposal… the CACTUS Smart Sink solves that problem”, stated Kirk Herweck, EXP’s Vice President, Business Development, Corporate Accounts and Marketing.

EXP serves 70% of the U.S. hospital-based Reverse Distribution Market as well as significant market share throughout all other healthcare related market segments. In addition to its well-established market dominance, EXP also has one of the most experienced regulatory-compliance staffs in the industry. EXP will actively offer and provide details of the CACTUS Smart Sink solution in each of its client consultations.

“EXP’s market presence and leadership is a key and final component needed for Cactus, LLC to immediately provide the innovative Cactus Smart Sink system to all hospitals and other healthcare segments throughout the U.S.  We applaud EXP for its current stake of 70% hospital share and for taking a stand in delivering to their customers a complete, premier-provider, regulatory-compliant disposal solution for dispensed and unused pharmaceuticals.  We are honored to announce this new and exciting partnership with EXP for the U.S. market.  Our Smart Sink disposal system will revolutionize the management of waste practices for healthcare facilities, lessen environment impact and improve patient safety”, said Dave Maness, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cactus, LLC. 

Today’s EXP partnership agreement comes on the heels of the recent announcement of Cactus, LLC’s alignment with Cegedim Compliance Solutions to “Provide Regulatory Consulting Services for the Refinement and Deployment of the Cactus Smart Sink®”.  September 5, 2012.  (“Cactus to Leverage Cegedim Relationship Management’s Compliance Expertise to Offer More Comprehensive Controlled Substance Waste Disposal Solution”). www.cegedim.com

For further information about the EXP / CACTUS partnership and services, please call 877-937-7465 or email exprxdisposal@expworld.com.


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